Facets 1/3

The first release in the Facets collection.

1) Let Me Go

2) Married Man

3) Take Up Space (feat Paul Infanti)

4) Spill It Out



Of the Facets collection, the pink EP (1/3) is grittier, both stylistically and lyrically, dirty electric guitars are introduced, along with drum machines, synths and in ‘Spill It Out’, a building cacophony that could rival The Beatles ‘A Day In The Life’.
‘Let Me Go’ sits somewhere between Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Gold Dust Woman’ and PJ Harvey’s ‘Rid Of Me’. It is frustration, it is disappointment, it is a song of unrequited love, but from the lesser discussed perspective.
‘Take Up Space’ features Treebound Storys’ Paul Infanti, a song by someone crying out to be heard within a claustrophobic, domineering relationship. A concept that works in the micro and the macro, and arguably the most mainstream pop number in this collection, this song features a blinding solo from jazz trumpeter Eloise Oates-Lidar, which has the effect of toying with preconceived ideas on the pop genre.Rhiannon is clearly experimenting with instrumentation, but subject matter too. Honestly detailing the darker parts of her psyche and openly sharing her shame and regrets. Rather than having an alienating effect, her acknowledgement of these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings creates kinship between her and the listener; there is a universality and therefore camaraderie in her honesty.